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In China, one of the most popular styles of Italian pie is where there is smoked tuna is placed on top and once heat is added, the tuna appears to be dancing. In Finland, one of the most popular toppings is a delicacy. Smoked Reindeer, is one of the most popular meats in Finland. Believe it or not, even though it may Apple Cider Vinegar Miracle sound a bit unappealing, this version of Italian pie has won many awards all over the world and came in at second place in the America's Plate International Competition in 2008.As you can see, there are many different and weird foods that you can use to create the perfect slice of pizza. While it may not sound or look very appealing, you can't let those factors deter you from eating what tastes good. Don't be afraid to experiment with different foods and come up with your own unique toppings.

As you start experimenting with different foods, don't forget to pay attention to what they are adding to their Italian pies all over the world. It is not necessary for you to travel to different countries in order to find out what they are doing differently. You can always go online and look up what they are cooking in their pizzerias online.Once you start making your own pizza and experimenting with different toppings, don't forget that if all else fails that you can't go wrong with the traditional pepperoni and cheese toppings. No matter what you decide to use as your favorite toppings, you know that you can always liven things up by adding new ingredients every now and again. Visit some of your favorite restaurants and see what special ingredients they use to create their version of this unique dish. 

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