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The lungs accomplish this gas transportation through forming millions of specialized cells into small air sacs called alveoli. The lungs contain a total of about 300 million alveoli. Each individual alveolus is enclosed in a case of capillaries which cover about 70% of the total area of the sac. In addition to its respiratory functions, lungs also filter small blood clots formed in the veins, serve as a layer of soft, shock-absorbent protection for the heart in case of trauma, filter out micro-bubbles occurring in the blood stream (such as those that form after scuba diving), and influence the concentration of biological substances and drugs. 

Total respiratory capacity in a healthy adult usually ranges between four and six liters. Factors influencing the total include age, height, sex, and weight. Women usually have a 20-20% lower lung capacity than male counterparts. Additionally, taller people tend to have greater pulmonary volume than shorter people, and smokers have less ability than non-smokers. High altitude dwellers also have more volume than their peers who are born and live at sea level. In total, a pair of these respiratory organs has about 1500 miles of airways and a total surface of 75 square meters, roughly the size of a tennis court.  

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