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Simply being an honest consumer, leave us open to the tricks of the scam artists out there. We need to use, every time before purchasing, a more defensive approach and adopt a careful set of tactics that can prevent us from falling into their aggressive selling mode, if we want to really be sure we've got a good deal from the vendor. Learning how to deal with unscrupulous vendorsTecAdemics situation, since we already lost time and money. Instead, I want to give you several good points that we all can use to prevent falling victims to the gimmicks and scams of the online marketers, scam artists of the Internet. 

First of all, we have to be careful when looking at the sale letters and find a clear purpose of what it is about and how what's offered, solves our problem. If it is not easily understood, the problem solution, all the thousands of gimmicks being refer to in the sales pitch leave us with the "what is the solution about?" type of question. This type of sale letter is what we do not want. More often than not, the vendors use curiosity triggers that really do not offer solutions, to get us to buy, only to find out latter that they did not promise at all the solution to our problem. Their solution, at times is not clearly defined or it is fuzzy and then it is too late for us, especially when we have to work very hard to get a refund. A good and honest vendor, refunds your money without questions and right away.

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