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The DIY Smart Saw Review 

When it comes to wood frames, never think of the "color" as the type of wood. In most cases, frame manufacturers describe the frame by words like cherry, walnut, teak or rosewood. However, this doesn't mean that the frames are made from these types of wood. These terms are used to describe color because people relate to the wood colors using those traditional wood color tones. 

However, most frames these days are stained those colors and are rarely made out of solid woods like cherry, walnut, teak or rosewood. Although it's usually safe to assume its never solid cherry, walnut or teak wood, the best way to be sure is to read the frame description carefully or to ask the frame retailer directly. 

In most cases, if it doesn't say it's a frame made out of "solid walnut" or "solid teak" you can be pretty sure it's simply stained that color. Another hint is that woods like walnut, teak, and cherry are going to be considerably more expensive than their stained solid wood counterparts and will have a distinct wood grain that's noticeably different.


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