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Binary Trust Method Review 

In case the investor predicted wrong, in case the price of the assent went the wrong direction upon its prediction he will get back only 10% of his investment, but still trading in binary options can be a great financial instrument because 75% profit is something you don't easily get and if you are using your knowledge about the asset, than in most cases you will able to predict correctly. Another important advantage in trading options: is the large amount of assents that available for trade, this gives you ability to choose an assent you are familiar with or an assent that most likely to go up or go down (it doesn't matter how much it went this direction, as long as you predicted the right direction) these 2 main advantages has made options trading such a great financial instrument, therefore the question should be how can I improve my chances to predict the right direction.

The key to improving your chances of predicting the correct direction should be choosing the right asset and using your maximum knowledge on that - try to read financial news and information about it. Binary options sites have long list of assents available for investment, this usually includes indices: NASDAQ, S&P 500, Dow Jones, FTSE 100, DAX 30, CAC 40; commodities. Most digital options websites will let you trade options on currencies pairs and stocks. The more you know about the asset the more likely you will be able to predict its direction, learning about the assent and it's behavior upon certain political events or other events is usually soothing that can be done free all you have to do is search for information and learn from it. 


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