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Men who have the time to be with their woman. Women are attracted to men who can make them feel that they are their priority and not just someone who is the last on their list. This doesn't mean that women have to be demanding but women of course do not want to be the last on your list of priorities. Men who are spontaneous. It is important for men to always plan and do everything according to their plans to be really successful in this life but it can make them appear lifeless and boring if they are so predictable and keep doing the same things. 

A man who can be unpredictable sometimes and can do things out of nowhere for the sake of romance can be very attractive. He doesn't mind to look silly once in a while and he's ready to throw caution in the wind and dance with you in the rain. Men with a sense of humor. Make her laugh and she's yours. A great sense of humor is what attracts women the most. Most women worry too much and tend to be more serious so they want to be around people who can make them forget their worries and can make them laugh. A man who can make a woman laugh and feel happy every time she's with him is really unforgettable and attractive.


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