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The modified power wheel chairs used in modified game use state of the art technology that allows players to have speed and agility that may in fact match or rival that of their physically capable counterparts. Power soccer tournaments go all the way to the national level and there is no signs that power soccer popularity will be fading any time soon. For power soccer players suffering from debilitating mobility hardships, power wheel chairs, allow a chance for these individuals to regain a piece of life that many players afflicted by immobilizing diseases believed to be lost forever. 

 This article was written by Madeline Jaekle an inside sales representative for the mobility department at Aeroflow Healthcare Inc. proudly serving the southeastern region of the United States and rapidly expanding to provide service to areas across the country, as the premiere healthcare provider of the south east region, Aeroflow strives to serve those stricken by health hardships, including but not limited to thosesuffering from deteriorating mobility, sleep apnea or other repertory illnesses, and pediatric medical supplies, such as biliblankets for infants. Please do not hesitate to visit our website for more information regarding our products and services: Article Source:

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