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One might believe that being average or mediocre is OK with most people, but not so, he says. Just as an example; how many people have you known that started a job with a goal to fail? Not many, I bet. Most people want to succeed but just don't know how. They need help. That's where you come in. Instead of wringing your hands and crying, "poor me." Be proactive. Add some value to your people. Teach them how to become stars. Kelley, in his book, identified and studied the impact of 9 different work strategies that seemed to drive people to "Stardom" at work. While the 9 strategies seemed reasonable and were verified by nearly 10 years of research, there were just three that impressed me as being the key to outstanding performance and I want to share those with you. Before we talk about those 3 strategies, let's get a picture of what increased productivity might do for your bottom line. This is really simple and please don't be offended by its simplicity but, for example; your company has gross revenues of $1,000,000, and your profit is $100,000. You and your people increase productivity 10% without adding more people or more expense.  

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