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Bonus Bagging

As the name implies, D&O insurance specifically protects the directors and officers of a company. D&O insurance protects the business, and sometimes the directors and officers themselves, in the event of legal action brought for alleged wrongful acts. While lawsuits such as these are less common in the United States, if your business operates outside the U.S. this type of coverage is definitely worth investigating further. 9. Don't forget about the car! If you have vehicles that are owned by your business, and are used exclusively for running your business, they won't be covered by personal car insurance; a separate business auto insurance policy is needed. 

There are many types of coverage available, and auto insurance can sometimes be bundled into your Business Owner's Policy. However, individual plans can be more easily customized. 10. Consider a BOP A Business Owner's Policy can be a great way to bundle common types of business insurance into one handy policy. BOPs are customizable, and can save you money since there are multiple types of coverage combined into one policy. Purchasing a BOP can also simplify the insurance process, since you'll have just one policy, one renewal date, and one premium payment to deal with. While combining policies can be extremely convenient, it should only be done if you can truly have all of your insurance needs met by one product. 

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