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The Four Percent Group

Regular posting, regular posting, regular posting! Yes, this is what is needed to market your business effectively. Consistent posts are needed. Obviously, only if you are providing people with fresh and quality content, they would be interested in adding you to their circles. In case you are finding it difficult to post continuously, consider automation tools. Make those people happy who keep sharing your content. All you need to do is give 1+ or comment there.

Only sharing content regularly wouldn't make sense. It is necessary to schedule them and share them at a proper time. There are several plugins that help you with the scheduling. One of them is Chrome Do Share, which lets you schedule your posts. Anytime you find some content interesting, click on Do Share button and your post would be added to the queue.

Another secret for successful Google+ marketing is creating images that would capture attention. Yes, you have to 'CREATE' those images and not share the already existing one. Spend some extra time, grab some images, make them attractive with image editing tools and then share! Well, skinny, tall, visually appealing and gorgeous images are a favorite of the audience. Try giving them that. Try experimenting with a variety of color combinations and image sizes, to give the best.

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