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Have you ever heard the expression "Hesitation is ever a fault"? Well, this is true. If you see a girl that you want to approach, have The Language Of Lust your next moves planned in advance before going over to her. Think of it like a chess game. You have to think several moves ahead or you're going to lose. Once you have the courage to approach her, make your intentions known right away, whether it's getting her number or asking her out. Whatever the case, put it all out front at the start. 

Assertive vs. Aggressive There is a fine line between these two traits as well. You've figured out who you want to approach, what you're going to say next after introductions, and what your intentions are. Just remember that confidence will help you be assertive in going for what you want, but if she says no, back up. If you keep pressing, you'll only turn her away from you. 

Fun Is the Rule! You have to have confidence, a smile, a plan, just the right amount of assertiveness, and patience. Let her know who you are and what you want to do, but don't make it a mission that has to be accomplished in a set amount of time. Have fun and just let things go their course. If you want to know more about this or other subjects on dating, feel free to ask me. I'm here to help you.

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