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There is a YouTube clip from Saturday night live that stars Chris Farley, David Spade and Adam Sandler dressed as women at a cafe; Chris Farley starts eating Davids french fries. Adam makes a comment; "save some for us"; and Chris growls back, "LAY OFF ME I'M STARVING!!" The skit is very funny and gives a humorous yet somewhat accurate portrayal of how we view food. The problem is that I believe the majority of us in America have no realistic idea of what it feels like to starve. Starvation is a very slow and painful process and I guarantee that in a survival situation you are more likely to die from hypothermia and dehydration long before your body starves. 

 Now that being said, food gives us energy and energy gives us hope and hope helps us push forward even when we are scared, uncomfortable, and forced out of our comfort zones. So yes food is important, probably more to our morale though than it is to our actual survival efforts. The one question that keeps coming back to me from people after reading my Basic Wilderness Survival Course is; "What should we do about food?" I've given this a lot of thought, discussion, study and practice and the following are my thoughts and opinions on food in a Wilderness Survival Situation. 

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