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  Sports Trader

It's easy to see that there are numerous options for the intrepid sports gambler. Beginners may want to try betting on only one horse. Betting on multiple horses reduces the likelihood that you will place a winner wager but it also increases the pay-out should you win. Advanced gamblers may enjoy the challenge and potential pay-outs offered by the more complex betting methods. In order to increase your chances of winning it is important to research the horses you are betting on. What is there history? Are their any known injuries or other factors that might slow the horse down? What is the competition field like? Does a horse do particularly well or bad when put in a certain lane? Is there a different jockey today? Does the horse appear to be sick? All race horses are very fast and very talented so even minor things, like a cold, can have a huge impact on the outcome of the race. By being diligent and doing research you can increase your chances of winning.  

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