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Cash Formula

We're almost out of time here Joe, so would you kind of wrap this thing up in a summary for our listeners out there in WAVG AM/FM talk radio land? Sure Al, I'll be happy to do that. I'd say that the key thing to recognize is how this strategy disrupts our nation's current systematic tendency towards concentrating wealth and power (it used to be referred to as monopoly) in a few hands. Instead it actively spreads the ownership of wealth producing capital out among individual citizens so that power is defused. This in turn underwrites (instead of undermines) justice, freedom, democracy, and a dramatically smaller government...of the people, by the people and for the people.Now can you imagine a family of four in which each member has been investing minimally $3,000 annually over a substantial number of years, without using wages or salaries to do it? Can you fathom what kind of demand that scenario would generate in our economy? By the same token can you believe that all this can be accomplished while reducing the role and size of government, lowering and simplifying taxes (actually we'll endorse a simple flat tax), and eliminating inflation because supply and demand are finally both working in harmony, on the same wave, moving in the same direction?

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