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Instant Switch Review We are all creatures of The Almighty God created for different purposes but all of us are expected to praise and adore the Mighty One who created us. Although we have different purposes for which we were created but there is a common purpose for every living creature on the face of the earth and that common purpose is for ALL including you to praise The LORD and worship Him from the depth of their heart. You have to understand that The Almighty God is not asking you or anyone else to worship Him in vain, there is a secret blessing for all those who worships Him with a true heart. The Lord created you for the primary purpose of praising Him voluntarily without been forced to do it. God is happy and ready to bless you when you praise Him. 

When do you praise God? Is it when things are going good for you and your family? The answer to these questions may surprise you because God expect you to praise Him even when things seem to be going in the opposite direction, or when you seem to be losing. Everybody can praise God when they buy a new car, or move to a bigger apartment, or get married to the man or woman of their dreams and so on. How many people can truly worship God in the middle of a great crises in their lives?

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