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Obsession Phrases Review Here are a few tips I have for anyone who wants to learn how to approach women... Approaching women can be a very terrifying thing for quite a lot of men this is because they are often over thinking what they are doing and over complicating what they are doing or even worse thinking of all the possible bad thing that could happen. Think positively to improve your approaching skills by thinking about your approach going well you are going to feel more motivated to approach and also more likely to have the approach go well as a result also. Anther one of my tips on how to approach women is...

Imagine her responding well to you approaching her By imagining the approach going well you will be able to program your mind to make you unconsciously act, behave and respond as you do you in a way that will make you more likely to succeed. Even if it does not go completely to plan you will learn some valuable lesson that will help you to make your next approach even better. Imagine yourself having a really good interaction with her and picture mind what kind of interaction your would relay like to have with her and how enjoyable it is for both of you.


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