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Wine For Weight Loss

Your weight loss will plateau and frustration will set in. This said, do note you want to be choosy with the type of carbohydrates you eat. Get rid of all the junky fast digesting carbs that will only spike your blood sugar levels and, instead, consume wholesome sources to help fuel your body. 2. Keep Your Calorie Levels As High As You Can. Do you believe if a 1300 calorie eating plan is ideal, a 1200 calorie plan is better? And even still, perhaps a 1000 calorie eating plan is best? Not so. You should only take your calorie intake so low. 

If you keep going lower and lower, in time, you will run into the same issue as you would if you removed all your carbs. Your metabolic rate will slow and progress will be minimal. 3. Strength Train. Thought you would get out of doing exercise? If you really want to experience the fastest metabolic rate possible, be sure you include strength training as part of your workout plan. No other exercise is going to boost your metabolic rate, both temporary as well as permanently, like strength training. Just do it - you'll be happy you did.

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