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But, we all need our vegetables. Stir-fries and casseroles are also good ways of provided different types of vegetables. Homemade pizza's and burgers are also enjoyable. Doing these at home is a lot healthier and cheaper than eating out / getting takeaways. If your child says they are Ciatica SOS still hungry after they have just had a meal, they can always have more fruit or vegetables. I limit the amount my children eat in the afternoon. Maybe just one biscuit when my son gets home from school. But, if he wants to have an orange or an apple, that's fine. It's important that children are active. I can't stand the idea of iPads, iPods. . . whatever you call them. I'm determined that my children will never have any of them. If they do, they won't spend too much time on them. Currently, our son spends a couple of hours a week on the computer. The games that he plays are educational. Growing up, my family never had anything like a PlayStation. It's insane the amount of time people spend with their mobile phones in their hands. Technology is great in what it can do for us, but it is also part of our demise.

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