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 Unlock Your Hip Flexors

There are five major factors of health. The first one is nutrition. We need to eat more natural foods and stay away from man-made foods. Foods that are natural have all the vitamins and minerals needed for us to sustain life.Second is exercise. We need some type of movement both aerobic and anaerobic. The benefits are improving heart function reduces body fat and raises energy levels. Movement is life. The third factor of health is sleep. Roughly you need six to eight hours of sleep. Some people need more or less but you need a good adequate amount of sleep. When we sleep and rest this is the time we most are repairing and healing.The fourth factor is having a positive state of mind. Our body responds to what we think about. We are a product of our thought. If you put yourself in a negative state of mind the outcomes are always negative. By putting yourself in a positive state of mind you will have positive outcomes. The fifth major health factor and the most important are having a healthy nervous system. The nervous system controls all system within the body. The brain is the master control center, the spinal cord organizes information between the brain and the body, and the nerves relate directly to organs, tissues, and cells. Any interference to the nervous system due to a spinal bone will cause distortion to the body. A good chiropractor will unlock the spinal bone and restore proper brain to body communication. 

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