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Choosing the right dead-bolt that will help to protect your business depends on what industry you are engaged in. Choosing protective measures in clinics, hospitals etc. are completely different to how you would secure your business if you are engaged in the world of commercial industry. This is because the risks involved are totally different from one business entity to another. For example, a hospital may have risks which involve medicines, like administering the wrong medicine. This is not the case in a law firm or even in a typical, regular office. So the environment or trade that you are involved in plays a crucial role, while choosing the ideal technique that you would utilize in a risk situation. For choosing the ideal security measures for your business, you should be aware of the options that are available at your disposal. The most popular risk assessment technique used today is the Event Tree Analysis or the ETA, based on binary logic. Here, a situation is assessed or taken into account irrespective of whether or not it has occurred and if it has failed or not. This technique is accepted as a valuable system for analyzing the aftereffects of a situation which can happen by oversight or because of undesirable events, as anticipated by the business itself. Another useful and effective risk assessment technique is the Failure Mode and Effects Analysis. This is usually utilized in operations development as well as product development. It helps the managers to determine potential breakdown issues that a system might develop through categorization of the severity and probability of such mistakes.

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