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The Cobalt Code Review

A class-action lawsuit against Microsoft over the "Vista-capable" stickers is underway. The lawsuit claims that Microsoft had authorized OEM manufacturers to stick the "Vista-capable" stickers on their Windows XP machines before Vista was officially released. It transpired that these PCs did not have enough computing power to run Vista Premium and could only manage Vista Home. People liking their Windows XP computer is something Microsoft definitely does not want.The reasons why I want to have the choice to purchase Windows XP legally are the following:I consider Windows Vista to be the paranoid aunt who requires me to take an oath on the Bible, Koran or equivalent before doing many basic and frequently used tasks. Multiple prompts to do something simple is not OK with me. My Windows XP security solutions serve me well on this front and I don't need the operating system to mother me from security weaknesses it tolerated in the first place.Windows XP is a hellishly reliable operating system, working well in both the Workgroup and the Domain scenarios. Windows Vista functions above average when set up as a Workgroup but performs below par if the computer is part of the domain. This still holds true even after SP1.

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