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There are many UseNet browsers on today's market so how do you know what to choose? Well, we recommend taking look at a few of the most important features that UseNet browsers or Newsreaders should include in their list of useful features.Make sure your Newsreader supports the use of binaries. Binary usage on UseNet opens the user to a whole new world of great content. Binary files are basically large files on UseNet that are consisted of Sound files, video files, picture files, etc. These files are of things like old cars to pictures of your favorite animals.A newsreader that supports NZB files is another important feature. NZB files make using UseNet much easier. Instead of traditionally browsing every group that you are interested in, you can download an NZB file that points you to the exact location of the article set on UseNet. This saves a lot of time when browsing UseNet. Some Newsreaders also have a UseNet Search function. This allows the user to search for specific subjects or topics instead of traditional search methods.

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