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Children and older people who happen to sustain broken bones, sprains, and other injuries need to see a sports injury specialist because of their age. Children are still growing and their bones need to be monitored to ensure that they grow properly. Injuries can cause complications that can lead to developmental challenges as the child gets older. When the elderly get injured, their body has a reduced capacity to heal, so it may take longer for them to heal properly. In some cases they may need therapy and joint replacements so they don't suffer from a downgrade in the quality of their life. The reason why a sports medicine professional is so important is that they spend many years learning all about the musculoskeletal system and about the injuries that can cripple it. Since there are hundreds of bones and muscles in the human body, it doesn't make sense for you to go to a general practitioner when you could go to a specialist who can identify your problem and provide the right course of treatment right away. Since sports related injuries are the most common type of injuries in the world, more importance is being placed on getting them treated by a specialist to prevent further injury and related health conditions. 

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