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sRs Trend Rider 2.0 Review Affiliate marketing is a mechanism through which individuals can earn money as a result of successfully referring sales. Generally speaking, the individual who is referring sales to a particular website or company is known as the affiliate. The vendor is the individual or company who is ultimately responsible for product fulfillment, customer service, and a variety of other responsibilities. More often than not, people who express an interest in affiliate marketing are doing so from the perspective of someone who seeks to learn some additional money without having to create a product of their own and without having to create an infrastructure capable of supporting customers and taking payments. The reason why affiliate marketing is very popular revolves around the fact that individuals simply do not have the ability to create as good of a product as what is often times already in the marketplace. For example, you may be somebody who has a full-time job working at a bank. You may not really have that much extra time and you also may not really have that much of an interest in the topic of diet and weight loss. But what if you could refer other people to a particular website and earn money every time somebody whom you referred to a website made a purchase? That is the essence of affiliate marketing. Don't make the mistake of assuming that an affiliate marketer is somebody who doesn't really have to do a lot of work. While it's true that product fulfillment, product development, and customer support are not handled by the affiliate -- the affiliate is still responsible for a variety of different tasks that's strictly revolve around marketing the product itself. The reason why some people struggle to make money as an affiliate is because they do not treat this as a business. They instead see it as a hobby in which they could perhaps generate a couple spare dollars here and there.

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