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 Quantum Code Review  The following is a comprehensive XOWii review highlighting some of the unique aspects of the XOWii energy drink product line and the business opportunity. Considering the massive $500 billion dollar wellness industry and the high demand for better quality ingredients in our foods and drinks, XOWii is poised for sensational success. Let's take a look. XOWii was launched by co-founders Richard Kelly and James Christiansen. Their vision for XOWii was to develop a lifestyle company that promotes better health and fitness while also providing a lucrative business opportunity for loyal customers. Not surprisingly, the company adopted an MLM (multilevel network marketing) distribution platform to market their product. With approximately 190,000 people starting a network marketing business every month, this makes a lot of sense. The XOWii brand moat is simple. The energy drink market is riddled with products loaded with sugars, artificial caffeine and other not-so-good-for-you ingredients. In fact, XOWii Chief Scientific Officer, Bill Sickert points out that the energy drink industry is riddled with all kinds of guideline violations. This opened the door for XOWii to introduce a competitively priced energy drink product line of their own. One that uses only the highest quality natural ingredients and manufacturing standards. 

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