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 Erect On Demand Simple is beautiful. You've heard all those crazy fad diets and specially modified food products that claim to make you lose weight and what not. In all honesty, living healthy shouldn't be complicated. There are no secrets to living healthy, its all been laid out. It just so happens that we tend to overlook all the information we get without discretion. Living healthy starts with a simple diet. A simple diet consists of a balance of fruits, vegetables, meats, your source of carbohydrates and a little sugar. Balance is key to everything, nothing too much, nothing too less. Also, don't forget to drink lots of water. Our bodies are composed of a large percentage of water. Losing water means losing vitality. Living healthy starts with a proactive life. By being proactive, we mean engaging in a work out plan at least 3 times a week. Working out is essential as it maintains the functions of our body and keeps our immune system strong. Unless you're a pro athlete, simple exercises will do. Of course, it never hurts to workout a little more than usual. Sleep to live healthy. Sleep is very important to achieving a healthy lifestyle. Sleep resets and reorganizes our bodily functions. Moreover, it gives us our much needed rest and prepares us for another day ahead. A good day begins with a good sleep. Lastly, interact and socialize to live healthy. Humans are not sole beings. No man is an island and we are meant to be with other people. Enjoy life by going out with your friends, family, and relatives. Try reaching out to others as well. Nowadays, there's always someone needing help and it's always heartwarming to know that you have helped a soul in need.

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