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There are many homeowners who don't recognize the risks and dangers associated with carbon monoxide poisoning. It's an invisible and odorless gas that can be fatal to humans and animals if too much is inhaled. There is no way to detect high levels of it without a special detector.Smoke detectors can be found in nearly all American households. Smoke detectors are a great device to alert homeowners when smoke levels rise above a certain level triggering an alarm. The carbon monoxide detector is a necessary protective device that is not as commonly found as a smoke detector. Smoke is typically gray and black in color and has a very pungent odor that comes along with it, depending what is burning. When someone is in the kitchen cooking and the toast starts burning or the meat starts burning on, you can usually smell it before you hear the smoke detector. Carbon monoxide is clear and doesn't smell, so it is possible to kill you without you ever knowing it existed. Th detectors are available at a local hardware or department store, or they are available from a home security service. One example of the harmful effects of carbon monoxide ended in a tragedy in which 4 people lost their lives to the toxic gas. The family lived in the state of Georgia, a place unaccustomed to winter storms and cold weather. There was a snow and ice storm that came through the state leaving many without power and without heat. With no fireplace and the electricity off they were left with no hear. The cold air lingered and the family was snowed in without power and quite cold. In an attempt to save his family the father tried to keep the family warm by using the heat from the car. Unfortunately the car was trapped in the garage and the carbon monoxide produced by the car's engine killed the family. 

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