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Insured Trading Review 

Are you one of the many of homeowners who have considered installing a security system but struggle with the options: wire or wireless? Worse yet, you may be the proactive, safety conscious owners who has not only considered a system as an excellent investment but has only received conflicting opinions from security system companies. Cut through all of the red tape and make an investment in the right security system for your home with these facts.The versatile QR code can be used as your personal virtual business card. Nowadays many working professionals have started using QR codes instead of physical business cards to distribute their contact and employment information. 

Whenever someone wants to note down your information, you can just show them your personal code and let them scan it with their phone camera to retrieve your personal details. It is important, however, that their phone is equipped with a dedicated reader software. You can easily create your own virtual business card using the Online QR Code Generator ( This website is easy to use, and most importantly, free of charge. With it, you can encode your contact and employment details into 3 different formats: vCard, meCard and text. You can also encode your email address, telephone number, or website URL individually. With the help of Google Maps, you also have the option of encoding the location of your business. You can even encode an SMS or text message with the generator as well.

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