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Wealth Crew Review Wela pronounced "wella" is a nutritional supplement MLM opportunity founded by John Penny, Ryan Burgard and Mark Gullet and are based out of Springfield MO. Let us take a look at their product and opportunity? The main flagship product for Wela line is called "Slimberry" and comes in a concentrated form taken in drops. It combines vitamins, minerals and anti oxidants at a level far exceeding anything else out there they claim. Slimberry contains all the super foods as they call them including the acai berry, the maqui berry, the moringa, the black currant and the pomegranate all known to reduce hunger, cleanse the system, increase energy levels, slow aging and increase alertness. The cost of a bottle which is a one month supply is $46.95 plus $4.95 shipping and handling. The MLM opportunity is what they call a franchise like direct sales opportunity with a revenue sharing plan that is a binary commission structure. The plan comes with a website and access to the back office and includes 10 guaranteed tour takers or leads. They have the option of buying additional contacts also that are generated by an outside source hired by Wela. They have a quick start program that pays $16 a bottle and a matching $10 for preferred customers plus there is 2% held back of all sales for the global bonus plan. It is based on your level of participation and the total sales volume of your team. The plan is open to anyone and is what they call very low risk with a very high potential for success, if you like the direct sales or face to face approach? The product with no doubt is of very high quality ingredients that are catching on all over the world. I can also attest to their commitment after opting in to look at opportunity, they send me emails at least every other day. For those of you who understand how to market on the internet this is a solid platform to make an extra 5-20k per month. On the other hand the average person new to the internet will need to learn some basic online strategies or simply purchase the products because you like them but don't expect to make much on the business end without training.  

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