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 Brain Stimulator Method  The here and now should be a very good time for all of us to be alive. Scientists and doctors have begun to unlock the secrets of aging (and have perhaps even learned how to slow down the process). We know that the human body is constantly renewing, rebuilding, and repairing itself throughout life. With all this renewal going on, we should stay young forever... right? But we don't. We all age. The brand new cells of a 70-year old are easily recognized as cells from an aging body...these new cells look and act older than brand new cells from a younger person. Theories of aging...theories likes free radical damage, glycosylation, collagen cross-linking, etc....are now recognized as symptoms of the aging process (even if not the true cause). Nevertheless, aging, the process by which we gradually weaken and lose function, begins at the cellular level with free radical damage. To say that we age because of free radical damage is like blaming the cause of a plane crash on gravity. Clearly gravity pulled the plane down; but, since gravity puts the same force on every plane in the sky and most of them safely land, something else had to go wrong to bring the plane down. In the same way, our bodies are bombarded by free radicals from the day we are born. As youngsters, our cells have a built in mechanism that effectively quenches the fires of free radicals and corrects the damage. But, as we age, something causes this mechanism to no longer work efficiently or effectively. Eventually, the damage will progress to the point where the human body can no longer defend itself and we begin to experience the memory problems of 'senior moments' and to develop some of the many diseases so prevalent in the aging population. So what do we do? We try to understand the aging process...and then we make the changes necessary to preserve youthful characteristics in our cells. Just remember that the human body is made up of millions and millions of tiny engines called cells...and you need the right tools to 'fix' the little engines as the years go by. The right tools are called supplements and there are hundreds and hundreds of supplements on the market, all promising miraculous benefits. Before you begin taking any of them, do your homework. While the cheapest are not necessarily the best, neither are the most expensive. Just remember to keep in mind that these supplements are not FDA regulated.

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