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EZ Battery Reconditioning Review We all do our best in saving the battery life of our Smartphones, especially when we are traveling. Another thing that comes to the mind is charging your gadget in every way possible. However, it is not necessary that you need to run to the nearest charging point to keep the juice of your phone full. Carrying extra portable gadgets in your bag might be an option but the best would be deploying tools within your phone that help save battery instead. Getting hold of power management apps is the best possible solution. Let us find out the apps that are appropriate for saving or improving the battery life of your Android device. The two latest apps that qualify as the best out of the available lot are 2X Battery by Sam Lu and JuiceDefender by Latedroid. Both these apps are capable of helping you manage battery life by the tools that provides. You will be able to make adjustments in the settings of your device including Wi-Fi, screen brightness, GPS and other such battery consuming apps. Let us now find out what these apps are capable of. How the apps help? Both the apps are capable of managing your power by automating the steps for making relevant settings. Both the apps are helpful in turning off the apps that consume battery for example turning off your wireless connectivity when it is not in. As soon as you start using your phone, again it starts running. If you own Nexus 4, you will be able to get at least 6 hours of battery life by killing unnecessary apps running on the background. If you are using JuiceDefender, there is a slight chance that you might experience bit delay in reconnecting to your Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity. One more drawback seems to be that if you are continuously using your Smartphone then even installing these apps will do nothing in saving battery life. These apps will only help when your phone is on the idle mode. If you are a power user then it is advisable to use accessories that help in extending battery life. However, the importance of battery saving apps cannot be denied too, 2X and Juice Defender comes handy to an average user. 


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