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Power, without control - Spiritual power is gentle. It is flexible, it flows and it is forgiving. It is based on fearlessness and trusts in the divine orderTru Belleza of things. It gives us permission to be all that we are destined to be without feeling that we have to force our way there. Surrender, with grace and compassion - We come to the realization, that in and of ourselves, we can do nothing. While this is very humbling it is also our path to ultimate freedom. We no longer have to buy into the notion that we must do it all ourselves, that we are in it alone.

We can then give up our limiting stories and move towards our soul's calling with greater compassion. Infinite prosperity, without competition - I almost hate to say this, but women can be very mean to each other. If we are going to be our best selves, we must be secure enough in our knowledge that there is enough to go around for everyone. We would then support each other to shine and grow and not invest in the worry that they will outshine us because we believe there is room for all of us to succeed. We won't try to diminish the dreams of our friends, for fear of being left behind because we trust in the love of the universe and we want happiness for others as much as for ourselves. When we can give and be, without so many fears and illusions, we become very real. We become very beautiful, from the inside out. We are magnetic women attracting more good and beauty where ever we go and we are forging the path for others to do the same. We owe it to ourselves to do the healing and growth necessary to feel this kind of beauty and we owe it the world to reveal this kind of beauty. I wish you magic and miracles every step of the way.Beauty salons now include creams, scrubs, masks and many more in its supplies. Skin care now is a "legitimate" division in beauty salons together with hair, cosmetics and hand and foot. 

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