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Family therapists have developed brain plus iq a complete prescription for the paradoxical therapy for troubled couples. The bottom line is that the brain plus iq therapist, for example, prohibits both carry something that actually aims to push them. There are betting on the fact that the couple begins to resist the recommendations. For example, if a pair of problems in order to spend time together and brain plus iq find time for love, a therapist strictly forbid them to be together and will recommend avoiding sex. Many couples after such recommendations paradoxical finding that spend more time together and have sex more regularly, long and passionately than in recent years. brain plus iq Paradoxical recommendations and therapists used as interference requirements for many years. exist under different names similar interventions, for example, "antirekomendatsii", "bad practice", "paradoxical intention," "confusion technique", "Declaration of hopelessness," "restrictive change," "recurrent provocation" and "double-blind therapy." Basically, they contain a recommendation, the opposite of the desired reaction. From my point of view, they are perfectly suited for problems with PCHPI. That famous paradoxical recommendation for people experiencing sleep problems, "Try to stay awake as long as possible, when went to bed." Another ..

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