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The ED Miracle Review We all get them, and very often it is our own fault. Blisters are something that we don't really give much thought to until they actually appear. They are fluid filled swellings that form within, or just under the skin forming a raised bump. For a manual worker, they begin as an occupational hazard, until the hands harden off, after which time they rarely re-appear unless a period of in activity is undertaken. They are far more likely on the occasional weekend labourer; a bit of DIY or gardening will usually see a couple little mates joining the individual when they settle in. However, it's the feet that seem to bear the brunt, with the little irritants popping up at regular intervals. Wearing shoes that don't fit properly is the most common cause of blisters. The inside of the shoes rubs against the skin, causing a sore patch that will turn into a blister if the rubbing continues. If your feet are hot and damp, blisters are more likely to occur. Nevertheless, they can be avoided by taking some sound preventative measures, such as: wearing comfortable, well-fitting shoes; breaking in walking shoes properly and washing and changing socks daily. It's common sense really; if you wear shoes that do anything but fit snugly, then you are basically inviting a blister or two onto your foot. If you get yourself a new pair of walking shoes they are bound to be a little stiff, so to expect to walk miles without problems is a overly optimistic. Also, if you don't wash regularly, sweat and grime will always create problems. Take the necessary precautions and those nasty, infuriating little blisters can be evaded.

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