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Oxygen Booster One of the biggest benefits of HIIT is the improvement in oxygen uptake during exercise. Wake Up Lean Review VO2 max or the maximum amount of oxygen that is able to uptake during the workout period is greatly improved by HIIT. This benefit is achieved by the body's need to consume more oxygen in the recovery state of HIIT. 

Burn, Baby Burn In contract to the low, slow cardio workouts that can allow muscle to degrade, the HIIT programs will create a reduction in stored body fat and will build muscle rather than allowing muscle loss. When HIIT is combined with a slightly hypercaloric diet (above the BMR level) it can create an anabolic state which allows for the addition of muscle mass without the need to add stored body fat.

Make it Work There are two basic styles of HIIT development; the first is to go above your VO2 maximum for a short period of time with ample recovery time or in contrast, to burn the VO2 level just below max for a longer period of time, also with ample recovery time.


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