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The Language of Desire Review In the modern era of internet dating it's getting harder and harder to know the true identity of people. Anybody could be Mr. Nice Guy if they have the slightest idea of female psychology and some mediocre writing skills.

Their real personality and intentions however remain a mystery up until later in the relationship. And sometimes it's too late to fix the damage done. Background checking your date prior to taking the relationship to the next level is not only advisory, it's absolutely necessary if you want to spare yourself from some unpleasant surprises. Check a date first and know what's on his mind before you open your heart. Well first and foremost, you can see if the information he provided for himself matches facts and reality. Previous addresses, jobs, marriages, divorces, criminal records etc. Make sure that any piece of information he has given you is true Background checking your date will also prevent you from getting involved with married people. A recent study of MSNBC shows that a third of the members of the major dating sites are MARRIED. Now that's a striking number. Unless you don't mind being a mistress, you want to insure yourself against getting involved with this group of online daters. When you check a date first you will also know if there are any warning signals and red flags in his history. DUI, criminal records, arrests, felonies and anything that carries the label "Caution! Think twice!" 

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