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So you're ready to free yourself from your dependence on glasses or contacts. What's the next step? Call a few LASIK center franchises and see who offers the lowest price? Think again. This is your eyes we're talking about! Why would you want to shortchange yourself? A center that performs LASIK-only may not offer the procedure that is right for you. For some patients, implantable contacts, CK or refractive lens exchange may be the best option. A LASIK-only center can't offer these options. Worse yet, they may be tempted to offer LASIK when it is ill suited for you. And even if LASIK is the best procedure a low price can often mean corners are being cut.Patients should seek out surgeons who are experienced, qualified, use quality equipment and can perform procedures other than LASIK. Don't just go to a LASIK "franchise" as though you were getting an oil change for your car. LASIK is a surgical procedure and surgeons have variable skills. Talented golfers use the best and varied tools to achieve results; the same holds true for surgeons. However, having state-of-the-art equipment does not necessarily make for a good surgeon. It is best to have confidence in your surgeon based on a face-to-face meeting. Part of being comfortable with elective surgery is to have confidence in your surgeon. Consider meeting and interviewing at least two different surgeons. Ask for referrals from friends or family you know who have had LASIK. Don't accept meeting with a surrogate or technician ahead of time. How can you be comfortable with your surgeon if you have never met him or her? Patients should be given the opportunity to meet with the surgeon to discuss their individual condition before the day of surgery. If a patient does meets the surgeon on the day of surgery, the meeting should happen before going into the surgery room. A patient should not meet the surgeon for the first time while laying under the laser.In elective surgery such as LASIK, there should be ample time to carefully read the informed consent document prior to surgery. All potential complications should have been addressed by the surgeon before you are asked to sign it. The consent form should never be signed under duress. Ask about anything you don't understand or want clarified.

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