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Considering there has been a steady decline in the amount of omega3 from oily fish that we consume Brain Stimulator Method Review over the last hundred years or so, and the amount of mental health conditions have probably doubled in the same time then this fish oil brain health theory certainly looks plausible. Unfortunately though, if you wanted to boost your brain health by eating oily fish then this is easier said than done. 

The reason being is that to really benefit you would be needing to eat the fish on a daily basis, however this is not realistic mainly for the fact that it would be quite expensive, but on top of that eating this kind of wild fatty fish could bring other health problems as they often come from polluted waters which means that they are contaminated with pollutants such as arsenic, mercury and lead to name but a few. Your best source for fish oil brain health would in fact be taking a supplement. Unfortunately sometimes these pollutants can also be found in supplements as well, due to the fact that the industry is not heavily regulated and manufacturers can get away with quite a bit.

The type of supplement you specifically want should have been through purification process known as molecular distillation; this is not a cheap process for the manufacturers and does mean that these kinds supplements are a little bit more expensive, but for the fish oil brain health benefits to be had from them it is well worth it.


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