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Not all fees for rate locks are structured the same. It can be a flat fee, but it may also be a percentage of the total amount of the mortgage.Mortgage rate locks are agreements made with lenders, not brokers. If you wait too long to lock yours in - hoping rates will go back down - you could end up losing your dream home if the current rate puts your debt-to-income ratio too high. Rate locks for 45 days are generally the most popular option. Mortgage rates are often compared to gas prices because you can watch them creep down slowly every day and then all of a sudden, they jump back up again. Of course, the day they increased was the day you were going to actually fuel up your tank! Rates can be unpredictable but if rates in your area have remained consistent for a period of time, then a lock rate might not be important to you; but if the rates have been all over the place, a locked rate will offer peace-of-mind during what can be a stressful process. There comes a time in every marketing agency relationship when you assess the situation. Periodically look into how healthy your marketing plan is, kick the tires, look for cracks in the windshield, and make sure it is still roadworthy. If you are lucky, all will be on track, and a healthy report will follow. However, if any of the following issues arise, it could be time to find a new company to help with your marketing needs. Marketing is not done for the sake of itself. There is a real result that should follow every marketing action. Measuring those results and comparing them against what it took to get them is the foundation of today's marketing. If you have poor ROI, or worse yet, have no way to track your ROI, then it could be time to check with your advertising agency to see what is going wrong.

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