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Health is wealth, as the old saying goes. Simple, but true. You might believe you're already keeping yourself fit and healthy. But usually,even if you don't see or feel something wrong, there actually IS something wrong.Such is the case of colon polyps. Generally, polyps are extra tissues that grow inside the body. And colon polyps particularly, grow inside the large intestines, which are a major part of the digestive system. The colon is where the body produces and stores stool.Colon polyps, more often than not, cause no symptoms. In extreme cases however, people with colon polyps exhibit symptoms such as bleeding from the anus, blood in the stool and diarrhea or constipation which lasts for more than a week. Colon polyps vary in sizes and appearances. The small ones look like warts while the big ones resemble cherries on a branch. Majority of colon polyps, specially the small ones, are benign and not dangerous. However, bear in mind that large polyps can become or are already cancerous, specially those larger than 1 centimeters. There may be one or more polyps in the intestines. Thus, it is always advisable for doctors to test and remove all polyps. People who are at greater risk for colon polyps are those over 50 years of age and those who have had polyps before. In fact, the risk of colon polyps developing into colon cancer increases as one grows older. Statistics show that about 20 per cent of adults may have one or more colon polyps.In addition, genetics may play a factor as those belonging to families whose member have had polyps or cancer of the large intestine may have a greater chance of getting colon polyps.Eating a lot of unhealthy fatty food, obesity, smoking, excessive alcohol and lack of exercise are also reported to cause colon polyps. Studies indicate that smokers who consumer more than 20 cigarettes a day are at risk for developing polyps by 250 per cent more than non-smokers. Those who drink excessively are at risk for developing polyps by 87 per cent compared to those who do not drink. 

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