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Wrap Him Around Your Finger So you have excessive hand sweat or palmar hyperhidrosis that literally drips regardless of season and timing. Your palms do not even seem to belong to you anymore as you can no longer control the amount of sweat which is never ending. You social life takes a back seat as you shy away from attending functions where the simple act of shaking hands of strangers have become a challenge. You hate going out of the house as routine driving can leave your steering wheel sticky and uncomfortable for the next person. Managing machinery at work could turn out to be hazardous with palmar hyperhidrosis. At home, even typing on the keyboard leaves it with a film of sweat. And of course, rock climbing is out of the question. Aside from causing physical inconvenience, excessive hand sweat is a greater social encumbrance than ever. This is the underlying reason why many sufferers are in the search for a cure for sweaty hands and to stop sweaty palms has become a life objective to those with severe cases. Here are a few tips that can help you control and even stop sweaty palms. Most of these are remedies or prevention measures that can be applied across the degree of severity of this medical condition, with the exception of a few others. Try them out and you might just have found the right cure for sweaty hands for good. Sage tea is tried and tested to be effective for giving you dryer palms. Buy them in the 5 percent sage component packs, brew the tea and steep it for a day. Strain it and soak your palms into them. This method requires patience and time for it to take effect but you will be able feel the lasting effect eventually. Keep yourself cool throughout the day. In summer, ventilate your space well with air conditioning as well as light fan. The fan helps to circulate the cool air, giving you even a dryer sensation, all the way to the palms. And in winter, as much as you can bear with it, ventilate with fan as well. Washing your hands often is also a good alternative to control the hand sweat.  

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