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Viral Money Magnet Review

Content marketing is hard for a lot of small businesses. There are many reasons people give for not putting out content broadly or consistently. It takes too much time. I'm not a good writer. I don't know how. But any time I hear someone explaining why they can't (or won't) do something that would clearly benefit them and their business, I know that there is something else at play... fear. Yes, a lot of people are afraid of marketing. Perhaps they don't see it that way. But excuses are always a shield to protect us from fear. And it's okay. I'll admit it. Marketing is scary. There is good reason for the fears that many people feel around marketing. For small business owners, content marketing means putting yourself out there. It means putting your thoughts into writing and publishing it on the internet. It means getting in front of a camera or video camera to put your image and voice on your website and marketing materials. It means creating something from your heart to give away to thousands of people.

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