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As a young child, I don't remember my dad suffering many consequences from diabetes. I'm not sure if it's because he faced many or the fact that he tended to shield me and my sister 11-Day Diabetes Fix from them. My teen years; however ,the memories are quiet different, that is when the effects became apparent. The infected toe and subsequent amputation. 

The doctor ordering him to retire, in his 40's, from a job he loved as a principal due to diabetes effects. I was often the one who spent many a night with my father in the hospital as he was recovering from a diabetic "coma". As he got older one illness seemed to run into the next. He never seemed to have many days where he felt good but he never really complained either. 

If you knew him well, you could tell, something wasn't right. His first "accident" occurred in his early 50's. His blood sugar level was off and he passed out and crashed into a tree. Thank God he didn't hurt anybody but himself. Three "accidents" later, nobody injured, but him. I remember finding him "passed out" in the snow, for hours, after his blood sugar dropped. It had gotten to a point where all of us; his family, were scared at what we would find. Anytime the phone rang we were nervous.


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