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But I believe it takes real courage to take a look at your life and examine the real reasons why you overeat and avoid exercise. Unfortunately, not everyone has that kind of courage. Paleohacks 30 Day Challenge So at this time of year, when our thoughts naturally turn to new year's resolutions about dieting, I challenge you instead to boldly go where no dieter has gone before. I challenge you to commit to examining your own beliefs and emotions surrounding food and exercise, and to deal with them one final time. Because those insights are quite literally your

key to losing the weight for good. When it comes to dieting, it's exactly like Albert Einstein so famously said, "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result." I've been trying different diets for a while and I can truthfully admit that I've made most of these dieting mistakes at one time or another. Some dieting mistakes can easily be recovered from, but some are a challenge to fix. Hopefully, you can learn something from my mistakes.he first dieting mistake is deciding on a plan without variety in the diet. Many diets come to mind, grapefruit diet, lemonade diet, apple cider vinegar diet. I'm sure you can think of others. The second mistake is going all out for a diet. "I'm going to lose weight and I'm going to be perfect", you say to yourself.

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