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 A question that has baffled experts for many centuries does a human body cease to grow and develop at a certain age? Many believe that the human body does in fact cease to grow when a boy reaches manhood and a girl reaches womanhood. That man and woman's sexual maturity stops the human growth process.Now on the other hand, there are those who believe that the human growth process does not cease at sexual maturity. In fact, they believe the body continues to grow during the entire adult stage of life and only stops or reverses when a person becomes a senior adult.These researcher believe the body continues to grow but at an extremely slow rate. Therefore, which is true or are they both true. This is still undetermined, however there are a few things that are proven as fact and the facts have documented proof. The fact that the body does cease to grow taller and does stop growing once a man has reached his maturity. The same fact is made of the female body as well that once a woman reaches her sexual maturity she too ceases to grow. By grow this refers to the height and the body and muscle mass of the entire body. The sexual reproductive organs in men and women will continue to grow until they become fully, developed this does not take a long period in most cases studied.Once the male reaches, a mature sexual level then the body stops producing the growth-stimulating hormone. The attention of growth focuses on the reproductive organs. The same thing is stated for the female growth process once the female reaches sexual maturity then the growth focuses on the reproductive organs until fully mature and ready to reproduce. 

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