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In-home care for active seniors with normal concerns about their health is an economical alternative to relocating to an extended healthcare facility. Using Vital Signs Monitor, a system that records blood pressure, pulse, temperature and blood/oxygen concentration readings in 30 seconds with a hospital-grade monitor, people of advancing age can continue to live at home, by relying on a daughter, son, sister, brother, neighbor or good friend, located nearby or miles away--to alert their doctor if a health problem develops. Vital Signs Monitor stores the readings in an online accessible file. A family member simply follows a physician's guidelines to keep track of their loved one's health status between doctor visits. Pre-emptive monitoring can be performed online and the attending physician can be alerted when a health problem arises. Vital Signs can be reviewed from a remote location with a secure password. Also, when a user subscribes to a complementary service called Personal Medical Record (PMR), a physician can access the computer that stores the vital signs readings as well as stored medical history files with a secure personal password to determine the significance of a downturn in health status. Using the Vital Signs Monitor developed by, people of advancing age have an unprecedented opportunity to continue to live independently and do things for themselves. 

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