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Energize Green While it might not appear like a widespread issue, adding a few inches to your height is a huge concern for a huge amount of people, from every walk of life today. Everybody and anybody, it appears, is convinced that being lucky enough to have one more inch or two more would really make a major (positive) change to their day to day life. It's important to realise that, while there are plenty of supplements and expensive medical alternatives (such as surgery) available (particularly online), most people would really prefer to try to grow taller using only methods that would be considered 'natural', and preferably without friends, family and colleagues knowing what they're up to. Trying to grow taller without fake over the internet supplements comes down to some simple but fundamental lifestyle and dietary changes, but it is the hardcore planning and execution that make these changes so worthwhile. If you follow the plan carefully, the combination of dieting and height-boosting exercises can very easily end up with you being able to add two or three inches onto your height in around six weeks.

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