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Capture His Heart

The tangled and thorny path to dating has been made much easier by a free dating website. Use it and rest assured your chances of finding the right date will increase manifold.Speed dating is the latest addition to the many methods of meeting that special someone. Speed dating was invented by Los Angeles Rabbi Yaacov Deyo who was looking to find ways to match up busy Jewish singles. He figured that if you could get them altogether in one place, they could go on multiple short-term dates in one night. According to Wikipedia, the first speed dating event in America was held in 1998 at Pete's Café in Beverly Hills. The idea eventually spread across America and became mainstream. To understand speed dating, think of combining a date and musical chairs. The night starts with people filling out an information sheet. Then the women are seated at tables and each man starts out at a table. He gets five minutes to talk to a woman, and at the end of the period, a bell rings and he moves onto the next table. If the man likes a woman, he puts a check mark by her name, and if she checks his name too, the event coordinator sends the man the woman's contact information. Speed dating has several pros. Firstly, you do get to meet a lot of women in a face to face environment. The advantage speed dating has over online dating is that it adds a personal element. Many people feel they can get a better reading of someone when they spend time with them in person. Speed dating also prevents people from hiding behind fake profiles. Speed dating is also very cost effective. Most speed dating companies like to use the motto "Where else can you go on a date with 15 women for $30." At $30, the price of a speed dating event is about the same cost of a monthly subscription to an online dating site. From my experience with a speed dating company in Southern California, I would say that speed dating attracts a more upscale clientele. If you are looking for professional, college educated people, then this is the place to be.

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