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Regrow Hair Protocol

 There is some doubt as to how well these nutrients are absorbed however. Nowadays, male pattern balding has become a common problem faced by many men. Even statistics proves that over 60% of men is affected by pattern balding by the age of fifty. Friends, family and contemporaries are also affected by this problem, so men always understand the problem of pattern balding. Though it is a common problem among men, do you think men are happy? The fact is, they are never ever happy with balding as it reduces their personality and looks. Let us discuss on "how this male pattern balding occurs?" and solutions to overcome such a situation.Sacs which are present in follicles are responsible for hair growth. In a man scalp, there are around hundred thousand hair follicles. Growth phase and resting phase are the two kinds of phases that are present. Growth phase is expected around two to five years and then the fall of hair takes place, in order to give way for new hair to grow. Six inches per year is the perfect growth rate of a scalp hair.Dihydrotestosterone is the hormone that causes hair loss and it shows aggression towards the follicles which are below the scalp. Over time it builds up shortening the growth phase, shrinking some follicles to the point of no-return.

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