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Are you looking for some natural relief for acid reflux? Here are a few tips for heartburn relief that can be at least give your temporary comfort from that awful burning sensation in your chest. I know that when that digestive acid from the stomach bubbles up into the esophagus it is one of the most uncomfortable burning sensations I have ever had and I want to have an immediate end to it. 

 You probably already know that there are certain foods that when you eat them they trigger your heartburn. The first thing you should do is to avoid those foods. DUH! This guy is on the ball. Yes, I know that seems like a simple thing but are you watching what you eat or suffering? So start to monitor what foods cause acid reflux in your system and then eat these foods in moderation until you can figure out how much you can eat. 

One of the reasons pizza has such a bad reputation is because it is loaded with tomato sauce and tomatoes cause heartburn in many people. Limited how many pieces you eat like maybe two instead of eight. Alcohol can also cause the sphincter muscle to relax allowing stomach acid to get on the walls of the esophagus causing intense burning. The sphincter muscle is the check valve that is supposed to keep those acids where they belong. I am not saying to eliminate those foods and drinks that give you heartburn just moderation. 

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